Thursday, 4 February 2016


I was lucky enough to make some samples for Jo Firth Young last year and I was really taken with the stamp sets she released (remember the ones with Clarence the Caterpillar and the lovely herringbone pathway. As ever, the minute I saw them, my wierd Bluebertie brain starts working overtime and before you know it I'm seeing fish and sparkling underwater plants. I pulled out a lovely acrylic tag, some Fresco paints in my favourite blues and greens and a sea horse die from Sizzix (are you seeing a pattern here :oD) and I made this

This is a bit of a JOFY-Fest actually because I've used the honeycomb stamp from Jo's Beehive set for a sort of fishing net

The little fish are actually just the tops off a couple of what Leandra lovingly calls The Blobbys (LOL) in collection 38 (the same release as Clarence but the other set).

I've gone a bit crackle crazy lately and I was really pleased with how the seahorses turned out.  I've added just a touch of White Fire Treasure Gold and it really gives them a lovely shimmer

Seahorses, in case you didn't know it, are very difficult to spot. They are teeny tiny in real life and are camouflaged to look like their surroundings. That's why I've used all the same colours I've used on the rest of the tag (what an ANORAK!? Honestly, I do wonder sometimes... ;oD).

I really love how the weeds turned out. I used two shades of green Fresco Paint, crackled them and then added some glitter glue in blue and green and they really do sparkle. A LOT of fussy cutting but it was worth it...

So that's my project for today. I hope you enjoyed it.



  1. ooh this is a gorgeous tag Lauren! and thank you for alerting us to who the reveal is tonight (are you allowed to do that?!) see you in the scope!

    1. Oh dear! I don't know! I thought I was. I've removed it. Thanks for the heads up Helen and I'll check with Leandra. At least she won't be able to HIT me until next Tuesday if I've got it wrong. I've got time to purchase a slap proof vest ;oD Lx

  2. I sometimes wonder too mate ...... about where the heck you come up with these ideas!!! FAB-u-LOUS project again and loving your chosen colours and images - I have some of these fab acrylic tags and should really should be giving them a go too, since you've made such splendid things with yours


  3. Wow this is AMAZING! Loving the seahorses x

  4. Stunning - love the crackly seahorses and bubbles and weeds... the colours, the textures - well, the whole lot basically!
    Alison xx