Friday, 7 April 2017

PaperArtsy Topic#5 BLUE AND OCHRE

Evening all. Well it's been a while hasn't it. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun! It's been so busy at PAHQ, but with new releases under our belts and Ally Pally this weekend, we are looking forward to being able to share some of the exciting things we've been working on at last.  Honestly, we have SO MUCH GREAT STUFF!

Tonight, I'm pleased to have a project to share on the PaperArtsy Blog for our current topic, which is Blue and Ochre.

Spring is HERE! Time, then, for something bright and cheerful... Here is my ODE TO OCHRE... I hope you'll enjoy it.

There have been so many fabulous projects on the blog for this topic already. I really have found them all so inspiring. I hope you'll drop by and check them out. Find them here on the PaperArtsy Blog.

We are packed and ready for the show at Ally Pally this weekend. SO MUCH GREAT STUFF to share. My wish list is a mile long and I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody there.  Have a great weekend whatever you are doing. If you're going to Ally Pally I hope you'll swing by and say hello.


Friday, 24 February 2017

NEW from PaperArtsy {Zinski Art - Part 2} February 2017

Evening all. It's been a while hasn't it. Behind the scenes we've been racing to get ready for all sorts of exciting events coming up in the PaperArtsy calendar.

New releases are always one of the most exciting things for me, and what a week it's been hasn't it.

You'll be pleased to know it's not quite over just yet....

Drum roll please...........

It's time for another release from the amazing Elena Guzinska (ElenaZinski Art) for PaperArtsy and we've had an absolute ball making samples to introduce you to Elena's amazing fun filled world of FABULOUS.

Here, without further ado, is the video from Leandra to explain a bit about it

It's been an honour and a privilege to be part of Elena's team for this release. She is at least twice as much fun as her designs and we've had the deliciously wicked Wendy Mallas along for the ride too. Believe me when I say we have laughed and LAUGHED behind the scenes. Poor Leandra has had quite a job to keep us all under control (snigger!)

I found it very difficult to stop when it came to making my samples for this release. The designs really to lend themselves to so many different styles and genres AND they team beautifully with all the lovely Zinski Monsters from last year's release. They are just fun, fun, FUN, and I love that about them.  To paraphrase a well known children's story by AA Milne "You can't be un-cheered by these wonderful stamps". They are just a joy.

Here are my samples. I hope you like them. On the whole I've wanted to pull the characters off the page and I used a lot of paper puffing and PaperArtsy Gloss Glaze to achieve that effect along with some Grunge Paste, Fresco Paint and good old fashioned Love....

Naughty but Nice

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Fussy Cutting Fiesta

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I do love a bit of fiddly fussy cutting and I do LOVE a bit of repeat stamping. This gorgeous flower is such a good strong design that it stands up beautifully to the bold repeat stamped background using a sentiment from the January release (ZA08). Added to that, there is a wealth of opportunity for layering it up to add dimension.  I love it!

Bright and Beautiful using ZA09 by Lauren Hatwell

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Image may contain: drawing

You will have seen on the video that I also broke out my long suffering sewing machine to make some little Zinski softees and a cushion. There WILL be more, when I have a bit more time....

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and here's one of PaperArtsy's fab mini apertures, which I've Zinskified

Well, thats all from me everybody.  Thanks so much for dropping by. 

If you haven't done so already, please do drop by the PaperArtsy Blog for a peek at some gorgeous samples from Elena and Wendy, together with links to their websites and information about where you can buy your PaperArtsy essentials.

See you again soon.


Sunday, 15 January 2017



Boy oh boy! Was I a happy bunny when I got these fabulous stamps from Elena. I hold my hands up (see them? REAL HIGH!!!) I more or less insisted I was on Elena's team, such is my love for her wonderfully quirky designs. I must have had a wild look in my eye because Leandra and Elena took pity on me and I have had an absolutely ball playing around with these images.

You can already see how amazing they are for yourselves, but hopefully I can show you a hint of how versatile they can be using a few different styles, mediums and substrates. Where you take them after that is entirely up to you...

Throughout, we used a colour pallette of Claret, Rose, South Pacific, Bora BoraHaystack, Pumpkin Soup, Tinned Peas and Chalk Fresco Finish Paints.

I've also used Smoothy Card (both Heavy and Regular) and Grey Board throughout.

Here goes...

I love this little piece I made using one of those lovely large sentiments from ZA08 as the focal point surrounded by some of the smaller elements from ZA05 and ZA06.

Image may contain: text

I curved the spikey sun shaped pieces upwards with a ball tool and filled it with glossy accents to really catch the light. They look like little puddles of water.

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I like to play about with things a bit so I've made the gorgeous flower head from ZA06 into a fish just by turning it sideways, adding an eye and a leaf for a tail. The leafy fronds were stamped onto painted Smoothy card, fussy cut and layered to make them look like weeds. I've used Kim Dellow's lovely stencil to make the ripples and added one of Elena's little detail stamps for bubbles. The sentiment around the edge pulls it all together.

Image may contain: text

I've gone a bit clean and simple for my next project. My first EVER shaker card and I think it might be one of my favourite pieces. I absolutely love the design of this large square dotty flower head with it's quirky leaf "hair". I can see so many things to do with it but the first thing I thought of was a shaker card. I've puffed the little birdies with a ball tool and added eyelashes by dotting a fine black marker around the edge of their eyes.

No automatic alt text available.

The little button girl is one of my favourite characters from Elena's previous release. I've coloured her with my Copic alcohol markers and used the flannel technique I showed you recently on the PaperArtsy blog to add texture and soften the blending.

No automatic alt text available.

There are those cheeky birds again! They're just so cute. I can't resist them. I would love to do this as a journal page and the larger sentiments from ZA08 really lend themselves to larger projects, which I really like.  I did a very simple stencilled background and then added the gorgeous holey flowers ("Holey Flowers Batman!" There! I've said it! Sorry! Can't help myself! ;oD)
Image may contain: text
I stamped the flowers straight onto the background and painted them with Fresco Paints, putting back the detail at the end with a black pencil. It was amazingly satisfying to sit and paint all the elements. I can honestly say the more I paint, the more I like it. It's definitely something I plan to do more of in the coming year.

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This one is just a full on Flower Fest! I've emphasised the word "flowers" by cutting large sized letters from greyboard and painting each one with a different colour from the pallette.  The rest of the sentiment was stamped onto an offcut of greyboard painted with Chalk Fresco Paint. I then edged the board in black and added glossy accents over the top to give it a bit more presence so that it doesn't just disappear into the background.
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I've used a chipboard base which I've painted with Haystack and Pumpkin Soup Fresco Finish Paint. All the stamping was initially done straight onto the board and then I've pulled out various features by stamping them seperately on Smoothy Card, fussy cutting and puffing out the paper with a large ball tool. 

No automatic alt text available.

I do love a bit of repeat stamping. I've used my Copic Markers for the colouring. I love the fact these stamps work brilliantly on lots of different styles. You can really layer them up and throw lots of product at them OR, as I've done here, you can pare it all right back on a pure white background. It makes them so versatile and the detailing is faultless. They have such character.

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No automatic alt text available.

Mixing things up a little again here. I looked at one of the (genius) House Flowers on ZA05 and immediately thought "Duck!".  The more I looked at it, the more it looked like a little duckie and when I added eyes to the windows my little duck was born (there's a baby winking duck lower down on the stalk too...just sayin'). I've used a coaster sized piece of grey board, a sentiment and those gorgeous wibbly circles, which I've glossed. Job done.

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Well folks, that's me. I hope you've enjoyed my samples. It really is just the tip of the iceberg as far as possibilities go and I know you will all have endless fun thinking up uses for Elena's designs.

I had the best time playing with these amazing stamps by Elena. She is quite the loveliest, cleverest person alive and her head is absolutely STUFFED with amazing ideas. Why not head off to her Facebook page here and check out her amazing work.

But it doesn't end there.... Wendy Mallas, with her wonderfully wicked sense of fun, has some terrific treats in store for you at her blog Wendy's House.

If you haven't already, do go and visit the PaperArtsy Blog for the full round up of tonight's release. Elena has done a cool YouTube video showing her design process for some of the stamps and you'll see a few of the samples from Team Zinski. There are links to all the blogs and details for approved retailers where you can buy your stamps.

Now I don't know about you but I can't WAIT to see what's in store for the rest of the week so don't forget to check out the PaperArtsy blog at 7pm each evening. Go on! You know you want to....

Lauren x

Friday, 23 December 2016


Well it's Night Three of the PaperArtsy/Stencil Girl Blog Hop and doesn't time fly when you're having fun. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments. I am tickled pink that you liked my project.

It's not over yet though; tonight it's the turn of:-

Click on the names to go straight to their amazing projects and don't forget to check out the details of our fabulous giveaway.


Thursday, 22 December 2016


Hello there!

How exciting to be invited to join in with this amazing collaboration. We have a whole week of really great blog posts for you. All you need to do is follow the links (which I've listed below) to see a host of new ideas and inspiration using some amazing PaperArtsy/Stencil Girl mash ups. In addition, we have an awesome GIVEAWAY for you to get you in the party mood. One lucky winner will receive a monumental $75 worth of Stencil Girl Products AND £50 of PaperArtsy products. Be still my beating heart! Too good to miss? You betcha! All the details and links you need are at the bottom of the page, so read on lovely people; I hope you'll enjoy what I made.

I had a folding chair which has been much used and much loved but could really do with an update. Our chair comes out if we need an extra garden chair or if we are going out for the day so I knew I wanted a travel theme. I chose  PaperArtsy Hot Picks sets 1106 1218  and 1206 together with S307 Go Your Own Way With Arrows, L361 Are We There Yet, S161 Map 6  and S126 Mimosa 6 Stencils (which I think looks a bit like tyre tracks). I was so impressed with how well everything works together and thoroughly enjoyed making my project.

Because this chair will be bumped about a bit, I decided to distress it a little just to save having to fuss about chipped paint. It will naturally distress more over time, which I like.

The cushion is made from some old shirts belonging to my husband (don't worry, I got them out of the rag bag, not out of his wardrobe :oD)

I used Fresco Finish Paint by PaperArtsy throughout. The colours I used are Haystack, Slate, Mermaid , Bora Bora and South Pacific. To stencil the cushion, all I needed to do was add some Golden Fabric Medium to the paint just before stencilling and then apply in the usual way (I used a stencil brush). This ensures the paint works into the fabric and I was really impressed with the results. Adding the fabric medium fixes the paint well enough that the fabric can be washed.

On the back of the cushion I stencilled and stamped before quilting the arrow shapes with my sewing machine

I did the stencilling using Slate Fresco Finish Paint mixed with some Golden Fabric Medium, leaving gaps in the stencilling for my stamped images.

I was really pleased with how well the stamped images turned out. That is a testament to the quality of the red rubber stamps. You really do get a lovely crisp image with them. I used Archival Ink which I then set with a heat gun to make it permanent. Ink the stamp up really well and you should get a really nice clear impression.

Once I had stencilled and stamped all my fabric pieces, I joined them together so that I had two large squares just larger than the size of my cushion. I added a zip and, turning the two pieces of fabrics, so they were right sides facing, joined the two squares together to make a cushion cover - easy peasy. I also added ties to my cushion so that I can attach it to the chair.

For the chair itself, I sanded the whole chair lightly with fine grade sandpaper to prepare it for the paint.

I first painted parts of the chair with Seth Apter's Midnight Fresco Finish Paint. The dark blue paint won't actually show until I sand back at the end but I like the contrast you get when you get hints of another colour showing through the top coat of paint. I then went ahead and painted the whole chair with two coats of Mermaid Fresco Finish Paint. Believe it or not, I managed to coat the whole chair twice using just one small pot of paint. Impressive huh!? I thinned the first coat down a little with water, but only a little and I use a large stencil brush to scrub the paint into the surface of the chair. It works really well and seems to make the paint go a really long way.

Now for the fun bit. I stencilled arrows all over the seat of the chair in Bora Bora Fresco Paint

Next I added some lines of small yellow arrows in Haystack Fresco Paint. This ties it in with the cushion and adds a nice contrast with the blue. I also added some hints of yellow on the back of the chair to help pull everything together and break up the blue a bit.

Now for the stamping: I decided to stamp onto some good quality paper and decoupage it onto the chair rather than stamp directly onto the chair but you could do either. I stamped the images onto white paper and cut them out. I glued them onto the chair using heavy body gel medium and sealed them with a layer of gel medium over the top before leaving them to dry thoroughly. When dry I lightly sanded over the images and added another coat of gel medium which I left to dry again before sanding smooth. Now I could add my stencilled words and arrows with Slate Fresco Paint.

I left everything to dry for a couple of days and then sanded back areas of the chair for a distressed look. When I do this I tend to concentrate on the areas I know will wear naturally. Over time the piece will naturally continue to distress so it's constantly evolving.

When I was happy with everything I added a couple of coats of wax to the chair to seal everything and give a durable finish. I'm really pleased with how it looks and I know it will get years more use.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I made my project. Thanks so much for dropping by.  The fun's not over yet. It's time to go to Kristie Taylor's blog (Links to all blogs are below) for some more inspiration. Wait until you see what she's got in store for you.... You won't be disappointed.


One lucky winner will receive a $75 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products

AND a £50 Gift Certificate for PaperArtsy!!

Visit the fabulous designers from both teams and comment for your chance to win!

The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN!
(One comment per blog please.)

You have until Friday, December 30th at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.
Winner will be announced onStencilGirl's Facebook page and PaperArtsy's blog on Sunday, January 1.


Wednesday, 21 December 2016


....and we've all been so excited about it. Check out the details here  and here , follow the links to the first four amazing projects and enjoy. We've got several nights of really great stuff to tempt and delight you PLUS a fantastic prize. You'd be MAD to miss it!

Tonight's projects are by the very talented and amazing

Darcy Wilkinson

Kim Dellow
Mary C. Nasser
Gwen Lafleur

Enjoy! And don't forget to pop back tomorrow to see my own project along with work from.....Well you'll just have to come back to find out won't you... ;oD

See you tomorrow....


Thursday, 1 December 2016


1st of December and I'm up to my eyes with Christmas preparations and very exciting samples for the coming year so quick and easy cards are the order of the day and given my usual habit of looking on the quirkier side of life. I decided to go completely left field with this one. Brace yourselves people! I have NOT thought outside the (Christmas) box! I know! Crazy huh!  There are NO sheep hiding behind this beautiful image and not a single monster lurking anywhere. I may have to breathe into a paper bag any minute...

Seriously though, I absolutely love this gorgeous cake stand stamp by Jo Firth Young. It looks fabulous on a really clean and simple background and was actually really easy to fussy cut too.  I've dragged the colour of the baubles down into the dish to help the illusion that it is glass. I think it really looks effective and, once again, it is a very simple thing to do. I left my pencils in their box and stuck with my Copic Markers for this one.

Here's the shape of the card and you can see the background is very clean and simple. You could make it a one layer card but I really like the way the focal image stands away from the background with this style of card.

It will be back to monsters tomorrow... They miss me if I don't play with them regularly...

Thanks for dropping by. If you've got a few more cards still to make, why not give this one a try. It's really quick and easy.