Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Winter Delights Polar Bear

Here's my latest make from the divine Winter Delights book by Tone Finnanger. This is the largest polar bear and I plan to make the medium and small sizes to go with him. I must admit I think he's lovely.

and in between sewing I re-cycled some pretty pots and glasses I've been saving to make some candles. These are my test pair to make sure they burn properly AND that they smell good. Guess what! They do...

I got seven candles in various sizes, which I scented with a lovely festive spice fragrance. Now all I need to do is pretty up the pots to make them nice and festive for Christmas so watch this space.



  1. gosh your polar bear is super- such a classic design. they will be a brilliant addition for Christmas.
    Great idea for the candles. You are having a very crafty and creative time :-)

  2. I agree - he's pretty cool - love that bow

    Candles look fab too matey


  3. Love that bear and well done on your candles!! x

  4. Wow! I think he is stunning, you are very clever Lauren - it looks like you are having fun trying lots of new things.

  5. Row, row, row your boat gently down the river, if you see a Polar Bear don't forget to Shiver...... what a most splendid Bear he is too. I love all your sewing makes, and am most impressed. I don't have that book, maybe if should think about getting it !

    Your candles look great, I'll bet they smell divine too.


  6. Lauren, he is absolutely stunning....john Lewis should use him for Christmas 2015 advert. I'd fall totally in love with him. xxxx


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