Sunday, 23 November 2014

Smart Dog Blanket Made from Scraps

Molly, our elderly Jack Russell cross is needing a nice new blanket and the weather has been too awful to do anything much outside so yesterday I sat down with some scraps I've saved and set about making something for her

I added a nice fleecy backing for extra comfort and warmth

I made some bias binding from a fat quarter (haven't managed to iron it yet because The Beast has had her beady spaniel eyes on the prize. I didn't dare add a hot iron to the mix until she was well out of the way)

What ya doin....?

Looks comfy...

I cut the festive snowflakes from some wool felt using a Brenda Walton die by Sizzix (I LOVE this die. It is SO beautiful).

We moved the blanket SEVERAL times for its own safety but Miss Luna was not going to be put off...

I'm waiting...

Stillllll waaaaiiiting.....

I'm just testing it to make sure it's okay...honest... I do think it might look better in MY bed though. This one is a bit small....

Pleased to report that Molly did eventually get the blanket to herself but I guess we all know who will be getting the next blanket don't we....

Still raining cats and dogs but at least it's a good excuse to stay inside and get crafty. Have a great Sunday everybody.



  1. Great blanket, splendid pix and great to see Molly looking, well, more Molly like again!!

    As you say - we all know you have three more to make now!


  2. Fabulous blanket - poor Molly having the beast stalking her new comfy! x

  3. the blanket is so nice. I'm not surprised Bert wants it. I would pinched it too if I could- lol! Glad it got to it's rightful recipient in the end though x

  4. A fabulous blanket Lauren, Molly looks very comfortable, I guess you are going to be busy now!

  5. Love how the blanket turned out, pretty snowflakes, love it, and so does the pup, so cute. Get working on the next one, someone is waiting........


  6. Lovely blankie, you are right that is a splendid die cut - might have to check out that die ! Best get busy making more I think or it could get nasty !!!



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