Tuesday, 25 November 2014

More Sewing (sorry)....

....AND the Quest for Quilt Supremacy continues...

"At last the quilt is MINE...ALL MINE..."

"Uh oh, I've been spotted. Say nothing Mr Food Bowl. Just act naturally... Pretend you're asleep."

"Maybe if I use you for cover. There! She'll never spot me now. I'm completely invisible..."

She is, as you see, PURE EVIL... She'll be on The Naughty List if she's not careful :oD

Anyhoo, my blue feathery angel wings arrived and I decided to have another go at the Tilda Angel using fleece for the coat instead of wool felt.

I think she turned out well. I gave her a longer skirt and a funky punk hair-do. I also added a ribbon at the back so I could hang her up. The ribbon can be tied into a bow at the base of her wings if I decide to sit her somewhere instead.

I plan to gently de-construct the first angel so I can put right the bits I don't like, and I'll order another pair of feathery wings. No sign of any skate blades yet....sniff, sniff

Today I'm making Christmas candles and polar bears so I'd best crack on. Have a great day, whatever you're doing.



  1. your angel looks amazing with her wings. Hope those skates arrive soon...
    candles and polar bears in one day...! Sounds exciting!

  2. woohoo loving those wings!! what an eeevil creature she is!! fingers crossed the blades turn up soon x

  3. Your new Tilda Angel is gorgeous Lauren, I love her feathery wings and fleece coat.
    I think it's about time you made another blanket before war breaks out!

  4. Dog? What dog? I don't see any dog ... do you see a dog?

    Your angel looks gorgeous too matey


  5. Not sure how I missed this post yesterday matey


  6. Your Angel is beautiful Lauren - unlike the 'evil one' on the quilt ha ha. Just a piece of coal in her stocking on Christmas morning I think unless she works harder to get off the naughty list ;0(


  7. Beuatiful Lauren, you are so darn clever. xxx


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