Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Late Night Sewing Session....

Feeling slightly bleary eye'd today as I was up until late working on this Tilda Skating Angel. Frustratingly I can't seem to get the skate blades for love nor money at the moment so I'll have to add them later if, and when they become available (pah!). Waiting for a lovely pair of feathery blue grey wings to arrive so she's a bit of a work in progress but I've kitted her out with a temporary pair of felt wings to get a feel for how she will look when she's finished.

oops! Looks like one of her ear muffs needs attention too. Ho hum....

Getting quite a few makes under my belt now. I've already picked my next project :oD



  1. You are indeed on a stitching roll matey - more fab makes from you.

    Steve SWEARS he saw a clumber this very morning ..... not that I DID THOUGH!!!


  2. Your Angel is beautiful already your Blueness, she'll be positively awesome when her new wings arrive and you get your stitchy fingers on some skate blades.

    I'm loving all those fabulous makes sitting in a row on what looks remarkably like a jelly roll quilt ? Well done on your stitching frenzy, gorgeous gorgeous creations.


  3. this angel really is an angel. I can see why you had to stay up to finish her. Your little collection is growing- you really are addicted! Can you make her some skates? Card/fimo??

  4. another fabby make! Can't wait to see her with skates x

  5. Wow! She's stunning Lauren, she looks really elegant in her white coat, I can't wait to see your next project.

  6. I'm totally in awe, your creations are just wonderful Lauren. What a collection.
    Katie x

  7. Stunning work here Lauren, you are just too clever you know!!


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