Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I rarely buy craft magazines these days

but Homemade Magazine just happened to have a set of stamps that really caught my eye this month and I thought they'd be great for embroidering/stamping/embossing etc

Here's just a very quick set of gift tags using traditional colours and red and green embossing powders. The actual stamp doesn't have berries on it but it was a matter of moments to go round with my trusty embossing pen and add a few dots and some red embossing powder. I think I feel a matching gift box coming on...

....and I couldn't resist making another little Goodnight Angel in between coats of paint yesterday, so now there are three...

but now it's definitely time to move onto another sewing projects so I think I'll call these done.



  1. Your angels are delightful and I LOVE your taggy's too - gr8 idea with the addition of your embossed "berries"


  2. the tags are fab. You are on a roll with the angles.

  3. great tags and your angels are heavenly ;) x

  4. You certainly have been busy Lauren, they all look fabulous.
    I love your tags, a wonderful traditional design.

  5. Fabulous tags Matey, I got that magazine and the splendid set of freebie stamps - embarrassed to admit that I haven't actually inked up any of the stamps yet, but I do have a worrying number of Christmas cards and tags still to make ... oopsie, best get busy me thinks !

    Oh My ! your sleepy Goodnight Angels are totally gorgeous I LOVE them all. Your stitchiness knows no bounds, I'm most impressed.



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