Monday, 1 December 2014

New Clothes for Molly

Now I don't usually hold with dressing up dogs BUT Molly currently needs a little t-shirt to keep her scar from her recent op nice and clean and dry while it all heals up properly.

So, as is the current trend in our house, it was out with the sewing machine and my trusty Sizzix Bigshot to make this sassy little number... I know the heart is completely unnecessary but I just couldn't help myself. I did also add a very useful button hole for her lead to go through though (clever huh!?)

She doesn't look too chuffed does she. I've had to relax my "no dogs on the sofa" rule A-GAIN to try to win her round

Actually, I don't think it's working is it. Hey ho... I enjoyed making it so she's quite likely to get another one before the week is out (one to wash and one to wear ;oD). I'm sure that will cheer her up no end.



  1. I think it's adorable and ...... it DOES have a practical use and I'm sure Molly will quickly get used to (and love) it - well done on your stitching prowess missus!


  2. it's so cute!! well done on another stitching spectacular and I feel the embellishment was entirely necessary!! x

  3. the tshirt is very fashionable and Molly looks great in it.

  4. This is adorable Lauren and Molly looks so sweet, I'm not sure she would agree though!

  5. Poor Molly, but what a great reason to break out the sewing machine and great this stunning new outfit for her. I think the heart is positively imperative, a girl can never have too many hearts on show ;0)

    Hope her wounds heal quickly.


  6. The heart was definitely a necessity. This is so cute and I reckon a whole wardrobe should follow.
    Fabio buttonhole idea!
    Katie x


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