Thursday, 30 April 2015

JUNK JOURNAL - Stage One Completed

Hello folks, I hope life is treating you well and the sun is shining where you are.

Now, when I say "junk" what I actually mean is scraps (and actually I think it's more like a Smash Book), but I've had such a great time making my junk journal using bits from my scrapbox. I already want to make another one. Once I got going I found it was SUPER addictive. I just couldn't stop.

Sincere apologies for the length of the post. I did TRY to keep it short, but you might want to gather supplies before you start :oD I would definitely recommend a comfort break, a cuppa and maybe some biscuits (essential sugar) to sustain you...

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin:-

I started with some packaging we got when we bought new plates. This piece looked perfect for a book

You may be able to see I've written measurements on the inside of the box so I remember how big to make the pages and what size pieces I was looking for to make the cover.  Initially I was thinking I would cover up the card but by the end I decided I actually wanted to see it in all it's glory so I've made smaller panels.

I sewed my pages in as I don't have a book binding machine. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest. All you need is a long needle, a pokey tool and some strong thread. Couldn't be easier.

After a few happy days rifling through my scraps, old chipboards, and various bits and bobs this is what I came up with

I used velcro dots for the fastening

Now for the inside. As you can see, it's jam packed

I won't bore you with pictures of the ENTIRE book but here are a few little highlights. As you will see, I used tags I've already made, some die cuts, chipboards, strips of paper etc etc. I also made lots of pockets to keep things I like or want to keep particularly. There are places for lists, quotes, pictures; anything I thought I might want to put in AND I've left a couple of gaps where I can add more pages if I want to:-

and last but not least I added a couple of pockets at the back of the journal for keeping odds and ends I might want to put in when I've got more time

Of course some of us are more impressed with it than others. I think poor Luna might have lost the will to live :oD I'm stripping our bedroom out at the moment ready for some building work so she's been having to wait ALL DAY for her walk. She's NOT impressed...

Somebody's got a frown-y face...



  1. Love (LOVE, LOVE) your junk journal. Beautifully made and brilliantly executed ... no frowny face here!

    Poor Luna! I hope you don't keep her waiting too long!


  2. That's an incredible project. A real labour of love. Poor Luna. Good luck with the building x

  3. fabulous fabulous creation, love the lotr reference!! Poor Luna! good luck with the building work x

  4. Well what can I say Lauren!!! This is just so stunning. Very creatively done too . Looking forward to seeing many more from you.
    x catherine

  5. A wonderful journal Lauren, it certainly is jam packed with wonderful pages, it must have taken you ages but well worth all of the effort - a brilliant project.

  6. What a beautiful project! So much happy work going on here.
    Love your pup!