Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Not So Much Walking in the Air...

as swinging from the stairs but here's my latest make. I love these gorgeous snowmen from the Crafting Christmas Gifts book by Tilda.

He's SO cute and I've made him into a little keepsake by using a pair of much loved (hence the slightly scruffy appearance) PJ's that belonged to my son when he was very little (the benefit of keeping a rag bag...). I'd really love to make several of these but I've run out of felt AND those gorgeous wooden buttons I've used for his ear muffs so it looks like that will have to wait. He was fun and easy to make. Another great scraps project.

Youngest son and I will be decorating the hallway today so hopefully he won't look so lonely by this evening :oD

Have a great day.



  1. Glorious make matey - bet you house eclipses Kirstie Allsop's!!!!


  2. He is super duper. So hansome. Love him! I'm so going to have to take up sewing. My stuff arrived and I am home safe and sound.

  3. He's adorable Lauren, I love his PJ's and button ear muffs, I hope he has some company now - I bet he'd quite like to be sitting with your gorgeous angels!

  4. He is so cute! Makes me want to learn!! Hope you make him a snow lady ;) x

  5. Your snowman is soooo cute ! What a wonderful way to use the PJ fabric - makes him into a real keepsake/memory project.

    Your sewing projects are amazing, well done you.


  6. Makes me want to burst in to a song.....I'm walking in the air! xx


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