Sunday, 8 June 2014

Going Dotty!

I don't know about you but we've had a real scorcher of a weekend here so the time seemed right to run up this cute summer top courtesy of my Great British Sewing Bee book. Also spotted it on the cover of Sew Magazine this month, and quite right too. It's a snap to make and only takes a metre of fabric.

I got my fabric online for £4.99 a yard and even had enough left over from the metre to make a flower.

In hindsight, I rushed the gathering and it shows, but there you go... Live and learn... Next time I'll take a bit more care.



  1. WOW! this is a stunning top. LOVE the colours and the big spots. FAB flower too. I bet no one else can tell about the gathering than you (I can't see what you mean from the photos). Hope you have had a nice day in the sunshine x

  2. Hey check you out lovely Lauren! Your blog posts are A Mazing! You are so multi-talented and clever and I just love your work! It's like looking in the candy shop! xxxx

  3. oooh LOVE this! fabulous fabric and I can't see any problems with the gathering!! x

  4. It's fabulous Lauren and the flower really finishes it a treat .... of course, YOU might make one out of a metre but I think I'd need quite a bit more!!!

    I have just one question .... why isn't it blue?!?!?


    1. Aha! That would be because I'm using the blue for something ELSE ;oD You know me farrr tooooo wellll my purple pal


  5. I think we my just be creative twins Miss Lauren? I'd love to meet you some day. I saw that top and wanted to make it too. Saying that, I want to make it all! I so can't wait for the next sewing Bee. Sometimes I watch it on You Tube, just because I can!
    Your top is truly gorgeous and perfect for this weather. What a steel at 4.99, who cold say no? Not me! I think you need to rustle up a week set, you know like the socks? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday..... The flower is a great addition, so elegant and the ruffles look great to me. Well done.
    Katie x

  6. This is fabulous Lauren, I love the colour and your gathering looks fine to me.


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