Sunday, 1 June 2014

...a little bit more sewing...

I just can't tear myself away from my sewing machine at the moment. My crew like to wear pyjama trousers to relax in round the house and they're super-easy to make. You can of course buy them in the shops but where's the fun in that? I love the camper van fabric so much that I had to make a matching cushion as well.

Nice and neat on the inside too...

I found a great tutorial for French Seams here at The Little Tailoress and I'm a complete convert.



  1. They look great. Much better than you can get in the shops too as they never have the design/size etc that you want! (I went looking for 'short' type PJs today and couldn't get any...)
    Great fabric and the matching cushion is perfect :-)

  2. My word! Those PJ's look fabbylicious (love the fabric) what perfect seams. And your cushion? SPLENDID though you'd best keep your eyes on it else a certain small clumbersome wee beastie might try and snaffle it!!


  3. These are fabulous Lauren, I love the fabric and perfectly finished seams.

  4. Oh my, check out the piping, those gorgeous PJ's and are those French seams? Someone is quite a pro. Are you secretly Heather from the last sewing Bee? I can see why the boys like to slouch, who wouldn't in those. Great fabrics too.
    Katie x


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