Monday, 9 June 2014

...and a little bit of nonsense..

What to do with all those teeny tiny scraps of fabric you get... Well how about a cute little rag dolly

I saw the pattern a few weeks ago and HAD to have it. She's by Soudough Dumpling and her name is Sally. Too impatient to wait until I got all the right bits, I raided my stash and managed to cobble together a little friend for Sally when I finally get around to getting the right components. The only thing I couldn't find was something to make pads for the rabbit's feet with but I can always go back to them later.

Love her little pantaloons. They're so cute!



  1. This is adorable Lauren - I foresee a few more of these, over time!


  2. she is fabby - love her rabbit too! x

  3. Absolutely cuter than cute -Wow! Oh my Laure, Sally has stole my ♥! Look what you've been up to, I have such a huge smile on my face right now. What an awesome project.
    Katie x
    P.S I emailed you the deets of the icing tip you requested but it got returned to me, so I guess I have an old email address. The tip I used is the Wilton 1M. x

  4. She is adorable Lauren and the little pink rabbit is so cute, you must have so much patience, she looks really complicated.

  5. Oh super talented woman....This is amazeballs.xx


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