Friday, 11 July 2014

My first attempt at a Tilda Doll

and I have to say it wasn't as difficult as I thought. Okay, the hair WAS difficult but I reckon with practise I can probably conquer it...

Apologies for the photography. We've had nothing but rain for the past couple of days so the light is terrible PLUS I found it quite difficult to photograph her as she's quite a big dolly and it's difficult to get all off her in the photograph without making her look teeny tiny.

Anyhoo, enough excuses. Here she is

Here she is without her wings purely because the photograph might be a bit clearer

...and then again...maybe not....sorry...

I did take a bit of poetic license with her by adding her little head scarf but other than that I think she's exactly like the example in the book which, by the way, is the Homestyle one.

She's a crafty angel for my pal Louise so she will be on her way to a new home as soon as I know when Louise will be home to collect her.



  1. My word, she's pretty fab isn't she? Well done on the hair matey - love her wings too

    Happy Friday


  2. Thanks matey. You're very kind. Lx

  3. oooo really, is she mine??? Thankyou sooo much. she looks fab and will great company.

  4. ooh love her and her wings are fabulous! x

  5. This is gorgeous Lauren, her hair looks fabulous and I love her pretty dress - brilliant.

  6. Oh my Lauren. I've got this book and I look and admire these lovely ladies, but I'm not as clever as you and wouldn't attempt it. You really are such a clever,clever lady and pretty and smart too.xxxx

  7. Oh Lauren, Wow. She is gorgeous. I'm so happy to hear that it wasn't as hard as it looks. I have the Tilda books and Amelie always asks for one. Till now I've shied away from the topic. I did make her the teddy for her birthday though. Pics to follow on my blog soon.
    She is just adorable, lucky Louise. I don't think I could part with her. Did you buy special yarn for the hair? I have the face painting kit (somewhere, it's been misplaced), I think the hair puts me off! You've rocked it though. Hmmm, I think I may need to find some courage from somewhere and give this a go.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hope that rain has moved on!
    Katie xx
    P.S Thanks for all of your great comments and for visiting my blog. Much appreciated. x


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