Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New House; New Craft Room and lots of New Crafty Challenges ahead

After a couple of years' break while we moved and sorted out some essential decorating, I'm going to try to get back on the Crafty Hobby Horse. My old blog is getting a bit old and temperamental (a bit like myself) so I thought I'd start over with a brand new bloggy and enter a few of the fantastic crafty challenges that have sprung up lately as well as some of my old favourites.

I haven't got any further than decorating the door of my craft room yet but it's a start :oD The shelving is in and I've had a bit of a sort out so I'm ready for action really.

Mwah ha ha harrrrr!!! Hopefully I can create some magic in my Crafty Room of Requirement. After all this time I can hardly wait



  1. I can't find the way in to my own craft-y "room of requirement" ... can I come and borrow yours?


  2. only if you bring your stamps Kathy!! I have plans to do something with mine too...need more hours in the day! x

  3. Yippee ! So good to hear your getting your crafty space in order and starting to get cracking with the crafting. As I couldn't physically walk into my craft room - it had become a dumping ground for all manner of things - and couldn't find anything I needed, I've undertaken a major clear out and reorganisation, so I feel your pain. It's taking me forever to work through everything and give away/throw away lots of stash I have either outgrown or will never use. Luckily there is a local church craft group and they are getting bags and boxes of my unwanted stash every few days as I dig my way into the depths of (what will soon become) my creative space again I hope. Good luck !


  4. I was just pleased to have found your room, lord voldemort knows it was hard to find the room Hermione......Lots of love Harry....PS Can I have my invisibility cloak back please!


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